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Namwandwe gallery  is the Art & Sculpture Gallery is presently the only gallery dedicated to works of art representing Zambia and the Zambian way of life, and houses over 100 different pieces. The vast majority of the works are by local artists, both established and emerging. Henry Tayali, Shardrack Simukanga, Godfrey Setti, Peter Maibwe, Raphael Mutlulikwa and Lawrence Yombe are all represented, along with sculptures by Flinto Chandia, Friday Tembo, Eddie Mumba, David Chirwa and Bona Kalulu.

Chilenje House is  located in Chilenje, Lusaka, Zambia a Museum, a house in which Dr Kenneth Kaunda lived from January 1960 to December 1962. He later became the first President of Zambia. From this house, he directed the struggle for Independence of Zambia, which was finally achieved on 24 December 1964.It is described as a simple two-bed roomed residential house with a small living room and a kitchen. It lies in a spacious compound littered with giant trees that seem to thrive on a stony ground.

The Lusaka National Museum is a museum located in Lusaka, Zambia, covering the history and culture of the nation.

The Freedom Statue, just around the corner from the museum, is dedicated to freedom fighters and those who lost their lives in the struggle for Zambia’s independence.